Thursday, March 5, 2009

C'mon, hoss, we'll get rich!

Today's blog post is about a very difficult subject: the call from a good friend to come along for the ride to easy riches. "Can't miss." We were living in New Jersey at the time. New Jersey, in the late 80's, in case you didn't know, was Virgin Territory. Never been canvased before. Wide open. You are always so glad to hear these words. Just look at the guy's face! Conviction, sincerity, enthusiasm. Even if he doesn't quite have it right, you know his energy will carry both of you over the top. Bring phone numbers from your warm market...and lots of enthusiasm.

MLM, multi level marketing, where the guy who is sponsoring you is used to purchasing upwards of Fifteen Hundred dollars of "product" each month in order to qualify for his upline bonus. He can't wait for the bonus to hit Five Thou because that's when the company starts overnighting it to you by FedEx.

You learn to say, "Hi, can I ask you a quick question? If I can show you a way to increase your monthly earnings by just a thousand dollars, part time, do you think you might be interested? Yeah? How about two thousand?"


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